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Building the evidence base for evidence-based policymaking

Giving policymakers, researchers and civil society tools for better policy design and accountability.

Launch our app now to search the full text of thousands of climate laws and policies.

We are on a mission to map and analyse the climate policy landscape globally and drive the transition to a low carbon, resilient world.

Watch our video to learn how to use Climate Policy Radar's search tool to search thousands of climate policies, laws and strategies.

Launch our app now to search the full text of thousands of climate laws and policies.


Countless policy decisions have to be made by policymakers in our collective drive to net zero by mid-century.

But how are those decisions informed?

  • Existing policy information is fragmented and siloed.
  • Data on available and effective solutions is sparse.
  • The ability to learn from each other's experience is limited.


We map the world's climate laws and policies - countries, states, and cities, making sense of the breadth and depth of policy pathways.

  • Using machine learning and natural language processing to radically scale and accelerate data collection and analysis.
  • Surfacing trends, creating context, and identifying opportunities.
  • Working with our research and knowledge brokering partners, ensuring data and insights get to those who need them.

About Us

Climate Policy Radar is a not-for-profit, data-led climate startup. We are founded and led by a team of leading experts in international climate law and policy, machine learning and natural language processing.

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Our Funders

Open Data


We believe everyone should have access to data, and work to make ours interoperable with others.


Our data is open and free for non-commercial use, and our code is open source.


We are signatories of the Subak data pledge and active members of the movement to create a sustainable digital ecosystem for the planet. Our allies include the Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES), Camda, Climate Change AI, the Good AI and more.