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We are an open data
climate startup

We are on a mission to map the
global climate policy landscape

  • Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing we are working to radically scale collection and analysis of policy data, equipping decision makers with rich, high quality, insight-enabling data.

  • We are founded and led by a team of experienced of international climate policy and machine learning and natural language processing experts. Climate Policy Radar spins off ten years of experience leading the Climate Change Laws of the World project at the London School of Economics, and harnesses cutting edge technology to support ambitious climate action.

  • Operating at the intersection of technology, AI, policy, social justice and high impact, we are a proud member of the movement to harness digital technologies and AI for the planet. All of our code is open source and open access. We seek collaborations with those who share the vision of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals through open digital public goods, which are necessary conditions for an equitable, sustainable and resilient society.

Our Values

Moonshot intention with grounded urgent action

We seek to bring about meaningful change towards a better future, using data effectively to make a difference to people and planet.

In particular, we want to influence and change the way evidence informs policy and investment decisions. While this is a marathon, and we’re in it for the long haul, the urgency of the challenge means we are committed to sprints and to achieving short term goals, without losing sight of our long term mission.


We strive to be excellent at what we do and how we do it.

Holding ourselves to the highest standard of research and development, operations, management and engagement with our stakeholders.

Truth Seeking

We will be honest and act with integrity in the data we produce and the way that we communicate what it means.

We will make an active effort to avoid bias in all our practices and importantly, in the way we collect, curate and communicate data. We will be dispassionate about any given course of action as long as there is evidence to show its effectiveness - there are no silver bullets.


We will make our data, analyses and platform available for others to use and build on.

We will be open about how we work and what we do, and explain our data and analyses clearly using language that is readily understood by our target audiences. We will be leaders in open sourcing climate data and contributing to open source efforts globally.

Learning and experimenting

We seek to continuously learn and improve ourselves and our organisation and to advance a culture of evidence-based decision making

Through constant learning from others’ successes, mistakes and through innovation and experimentation where things have not been tried before. We embrace failure, will interrogate our mistakes openly, and try and improve on our weaknesses.

Emotional intelligence

We are committed to intelligent and empathic communication with our team, stakeholders, and audiences.

We will be honest, reliable, approachable, and practice generosity and integrity in all our dealings with others, both in Climate Policy Radar and externally.

Bridge building and collaboration

We take a radical collaboration approach to our work - both internally and externally. We do not view other people and organisations as competitors, but rather as allies.

Everyone in the team will contribute their unique skills, insights and work with others to maximise synergies. We will build links with the broad climate change community, and collaborate and integrate with other climate change data providers and organisations.



Michal Nachmany, PhD

Founder and CEO

Ingemar Svensson

Senior Technical Advisor
Callie Coop

Callie Coop

Marcus Davies

Marcus Davies

Kalyan Dutia

Kalyan Dutia

Data Science
Paula Hightower

Paula Hightower

Front End

Stefan Lavelle

Data Science

Danny Waite, PhD


Joel Wright, PhD

Software Engineering

Interested in joining our team?


Professor Sam Fankhauser

Professor Sam Fankhauser

Non-executive Director

Lisa Long

Non-Executive Director


Graham Gannon

Director of Engineering Global Sales/Marketing Platforms, Google

Dr Jody Heyman

Founding Director at WORLD Policy Analysis Center; Distinguished Professor, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Luskin School of Public Affairs, Geffen School of Medicine

Dr Angel Hsu

Founder & Director of the Data-Driven Lab, Assistant Professor, UNC, Chapel Hill

David Jensen

Head of Digital Transformation Task Force United Nations Environment Programme

Annett Moehner

Adaptation team lead, UNFCCC

Dr Shehnaaz Moosa

Director, South South North; Director of the CDKN programme

Dr Joana Setzer

Assistant Professorial Research Fellow, Grantham Research Institute, LSE.

Dr Rory Sullivan

CEO, Chronos Sustainability; Chief Technical Adviser, Transition Pathway Initiative

Baroness Bryony Worthington

Environmental campaigner and life peer in the UK House of Lords.

Our Funders