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Announcing CPR's partnership with WORLD Policy Analysis Center

We are excited to announce today that Climate Policy Radar (CPR) is partnering with WORLD Policy Analysis Center to advance joint work to map and analyse the global climate policy landscape and situate in a broader context of social economic and environmental legislation and policy. We will be collaborating with WORLD to develop tools to bring together all the world’s laws and policies that matter to climate change mitigation and adaptation across an array of domains, in a readily accessible way.

WORLD brings incredibly rich experience creating databases and thorough analysis of laws and policies, with over 2 million law and policy indicators across 193 UN Member States, and deep expertise in rigorously examining the impact of law and policy change on individual- and population-level outcomes.

Together, we are creating a searchable database of (not only climate) laws from around the world that matter for climate mitigation and adaptation. We will use web scraping, expert research and crowd-sourcing to collect and map climate-relevant laws and policies at the national and subnational level globally, and aim to continuously update and deepen our data and analysis.

This initiative combines CPR’s expertise on climate laws, machine learning and Natural Language Processing, with WORLD’s analytical capailities and experience and long-term commitment to making all social, economic and environmental laws that matter to equality, human health, and well-being easily available to all.

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