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Climate Policy Radar launches public changelog

Openness and transparency are the kingpins of Climate Policy Radar, which is why we’ve launched a public changelog so that anyone and everyone can follow what we’re doing in the climate tech space and the progress we’re making.

In our changelog - basically a developer diary of the technical updates we’ve made - we’re recording the new features we’ve added to CPR’s climate policy platform, improvements and bug fixes.

We want our journey to be shaped by the people we’re working to support, which is why we’re also inviting you to give us your thoughts and feedback. Having just launched the first version of our first product - Climate Policy Radar (alpha) - we know we still have a lot to learn so that we can do better. So if you spot any bugs or have any ideas for improvements or new features, get in touch with the CPR team.

Launching the Climate Policy Radar (alpha) platform was a huge moment for us, and with it you can easily search through thousands of climate policy, law and legal documents from across the world - all 200 national governments, in fact. But we’ve got exciting times ahead as we bring in more documents, improve the search function and develop more sophisticated ways to analyse the data. And as we do this, we’ll be dropping it into the changelog, so it’s a great way to stay in the loop with our latest developments.

Happy reading!

Visit the Climate Policy Radar public changelog.

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