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TV Interview 1 August 2022

Heat waves are hitting around the globe. Scientists say climate change is making them more frequent

"This is the climate change that we've been promised by scientists," Michal Nachmany, founder of Climate Policy Radar, told CBS News foreign correspondent Ramy Inocencio about record-breaking temperatures in the U.K. this week.
Article 20 July 2022

Climate Policy Radar pulls back the curtain, launches global climate policy database

"Our ultimate goal is to facilitate better policymaking. Holding policymakers to account is one of those avenues," Climate Policy Radar Founder and CEO, Dr. Michal Nachmany
TV Interview 20 July 2022

Michal Nachmany to N1: Countries need to start adapting to climate change now

The situation with climate change in Great Britain shows negative trends and warns of the dangers that the inhabitants of the island will face in the coming period. Experts warn that it is time for an urgent change in behavior, but also for the realization of previously made promises. We talked about this and other topics with dr. Michal Nachmany of Climate Policy Radar.
Article 17 July 2022

An unprecedented heat wave in Europe: huge fires, damage to economies and hundreds dead

"England has declared a national emergency for the first time," says Michal. "Europe, in terms of infrastructure, is not ready for this. The public transportation systems, schools, homes and workplaces - are not air-conditioned. Our food systems and working conditions are also not adapted to this."
Article 20 April 2022

Carbon-removal startups could be essential to avoid catastrophic climate change. We profiled 11 that investors say are poised to take off.

Article 14 October 2021

Plug the gap: retrain for net zero

TV Interview 13 October 2021

Sky News Daily Climate Show

Article 6 October 2021

Open data and collaboration: a look at the Subak accelerator

Article 1 October 2021

Tech-Exec Magazine

Article 28 September 2021

Bright data supports data-driven solutions to the climate emergency

TV Interview 12 September 2021

'I care about the climate but my dad works in the oil industry'

Article 26 August 2021

The startup that will help countries solve the climate crisis

TV Interview 8 August 2021

Sky News

Article 18 July 2021

How data could save Earth from climate change

TV Interview 16 July 2021

Sky News