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Climate Policy Radar selected for Personio Foundation’s Impact Portfolio

We are delighted to announce that Climate Policy Radar has been selected as one of the seven new organisations to join the Personio Foundation’s 2023 Impact Portfolio.

The funding will mean we can invest more in our people, processes and progressive policies, as we continue to expand what we do in pursuit of our ambitious goals, all of which are geared towards supporting more effective and evidence-based decision-making. This means we can take on more collaborative projects and enter exciting new realms - like exploiting the capabilities of large language models to augment climate policy research.

In the two years since we were established in May 2021, we’ve built a team of 13 and progressed from prototype to full product. Our open tools already enable access and exploration of law and policy data from every country, but we have many more developments in the pipeline - from massively widening our data offering to building new ways to interrogate laws and policies.

But investing in team health and happiness is not only a means to an end - we view it as a goal of its own. Joining Personio’s Impact Portfolio will help strengthen our brilliant team and operational capacity, so our intrinsic and extrinsic values on people and planet - as an employer and a mission-oriented, ambitious organisation - are aligned.

The Climate Policy Radar team around a campfire

The Impact Portfolio provides forward-thinking non-profits working in climate action and education with financial and strategic support, via unrestricted multi-year grant funding to help them grow sustainably. We’re proud to be selected alongside six other companies that were chosen from over 1,000 global applicants, including The Chancery Lane Project, a UK-based collaboration seeking to align legal contracts with climate change solutions, as well as education programmes in Asia and Africa, and locally-led conservation in Africa.

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